Best Medical Group, Asia's most valuable of integrated health industry

was founded in 1980, Christie Medical Group transboundary hospital management, hemodialysis, respiratory therapy, rehabilitation, blood purification, long-term care, ophthalmology, medical cosmetology, dental and other chain of brand management field, combined with professional field personnel, to help you change from the heart, thereby affecting the external form, to achieve beautiful life balance. Fast, effective, science and technology planning body slimming beauty slimming beauty shop good health, the pursuit of desire to understand modern sculpture curve fast. Science and technology for the spindle, the hardware instrumentation ,, uphold high standards of sync with the world, to introduce the latest sculpture chief scientific instruments, in line with the effective and rapid. Beyond wanking alone can not reach the deep level. The potential of soft power, with professional certification and experienced physique health management division, nutritionists, complete tailor-planning courses, allowing you to experience and general SPA completely different experience. At the same time engage the professional dermatology, plastic surgeons team as a consultant, to find comprehensive method that suits you, insist on every little detail not to be missed, allowing you to curve more beautiful. 2013 Body new brand - Best Medical Pavilion slimming beauty born fashion details, make you more attractive